Problem on changing SmartDataViewer field

Posted by Eskimos on 07-Sep-2012 03:16

I'm the new guy for using progress.
I'm working on developing application with SmartObject.
I have a requirement that enable editing a field in SmartDataViewer.The value likes "2012.09.07 20:00:00 (Timezone)". I just want to use message update to change datetime value by assign the new value back to this field.But this change action cannot enable the save button and undo button on Smart Toolbar. But actually  RowObject.xxxx:screen-value has been changed.

Is there some item I missed?

Thank you for help.

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Posted by dlauzon on 07-Sep-2012 07:30

When you're using the ADM2, you must use adm2 functions and procedures if you want the rest of the adm2 to react correctly.

In your case, you can use the function assignWidgetValue to change the value of one field at a time or assignWidgetValueList to assign multiple fields at once.

The call looks like:

DYNAMIC-FUNCTION('assignWidgetValue':U, "":U,"").

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