Intermittent 4110 Error - Causing log overgrowths

Posted by sebfsit on 15-Oct-2012 14:34

Hi Progress Users,
A client of mine the other day has reported that their terminal server (which hosts our company's software) was crashing due to log files growing out of control. The logs they were referring to are progress logs (client.log files). Anyways, the logs were increasing in size to the point of causing a system crash due to lack of hard drive space; upon inspection, we observed (literally) hundreds of thousands of the same error repeated in one of the log files (it was actually one of the smaller log files around 2.6 GB in size.) The main log file that triggered a system crash was well over 13 GB in size. Yes, that is Gigabytes.
[12/04/24@13:46:11.946-0400] P-005292 T-004464 1 4GL -- (Procedure: 'filename.p' Line:357) Unable to create Printer Device Context: printer. (4110)
The problem appears to be intermittent, and I have reviewed the following article:

The content within the article is unable to help us at this point, and we're drawing a bit of a blank. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing the excessive repeating of this error? It has also been observed with other .p files, but the problem is occurring at random, which makes me lean towards a possible infrastructure issue on the client's end.
I speculate that the printer location is determined, and the printing cycle begins, but as soon as a network interruption occurs, it has no other option other than to spam the error, based on how many times and on what I have no idea, packets, lines, characters, I really don't know as my knowledge in the printing department is somewhat limited. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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