OpenEdge Management Job Scheduler not emailing

Posted by droysys on 27-Oct-2012 12:48

In OpenEdge Management I schedule a job which completes successfully with Exit Code = 0.

I have the On Action 0 set to Default_Email_Action, but when the job completes, I do not get an Email ?

When I go into OpenEdge Management  My Collections | Home | SMTP_Mail and run a test, the test is succesful so my smtp is configured correctly ?

Can anyone tell me why I do not get an Email on my Job completion ?

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Posted by droysys on 27-Oct-2012 15:45

Actually when I do the Test in SMTP_Mail I do not get an Email either ?

I only get an Email after entering/changing my Email Configuration :

Welcome to OpenEdge Management.  System user 'OWNER-HP$' has successfully configured alert e-mail notifications for OpenEdge Management host Owner-HP to this e-mail address.

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