Multiple Index Usage in Progress

Posted by rrajan on 01-Nov-2012 14:08

Hi All,

Progress uses single index when using Find statement or CAN-FIND statements. Progress uses mutliple indexes in for statement, when progress uses multiple indexes the time reduces since multiple indexes are used, but will it decrease the number of DB reads ? Also is there any documentation or reference containing details how progress selects multiple indexes and whether it is effective or not ?



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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 02-Nov-2012 11:06


Have a look at the ABL Triggers and Indexes manual in the documentation for your release.

Also, for verification of index selection, look into:

  • The compile xref statement (for compile-time index selections)
  • The -logentrytypes client startup parameter (e.g. -logentrytypes qryinfo)
  • The -zqil client startup parameter (for run-time verification of index selection)
  • The LOG-MANAGER system handle, for a broader understanding of what you can log and how.

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