I am trying to send MHTML in the body of an email using smtp

Posted by saquib on 29-Nov-2012 10:08

I am trying to send a .mht file in the body of an email using smtpmail.p.

I can send it as an attachment and I can send a normal html in the body but if I use .mht files then I get plain text instread of the html.

I am using a MIMEHeader of "type=text/html:charset=us-ascii:filetype=ascii"

A BodyType of "file"

Any help would be much appreciated

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Posted by gus on 29-Nov-2012 13:25

afaik, you cannot. MHTML (MIME HTML) is not the same as HTML

MHTML is a compressed web archive format that is a bit like a zip file. Most email tools don't know how to render the contents of such files.

Posted by saquib on 30-Nov-2012 03:22

I have managed to progress this somewhat using a Mimetype of


The body now correctly displays the mhtml but it is appearing under the email signature instead of before it.

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