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Posted by isoft01 on 08-Jan-2013 10:25


I client of mine is extracting data from their production database into MS Excel using MS Query via SQL-92 Progress ODBC. They query up to three connected Progress 10.2B database at any given time. Developing queries (select, drag and drop) is no longer an option since they migrated to 102.B which only uses SQL-92. They now have to manually type SQL commands as field names need to be prepended with database names, table names etc. Table names furthermore require an underscore (_) and 0 qualifier appended to the field name. From my investigation this seems to be caused my the MS Query Tool.

For a simple select with one or two fields it may not be too much or an issue. However when you start to create queries with several fields from different databases the situation becomes error prone and tedious. Best practice is obviously to have a seperate reporting database however this does not address the issue at hand.

Is there another SQL GUI tool available (free/paid) where the end-users who by nature are not full-time developers can utilize instead? Noting that the resultant data would still need to be stored in a spreadsheet format as a minimum. If a dedicated reporting engine can be proposed as apposed to using MS Query, which will mitigate the necessity to pre/append field names allowing the end-user to use select, drag and drop features for the better part of query creations, I would also appreciate your feedback.  

Please let me know if any specific information is required or alternative best practices we need to investigate.

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Posted by mopfer on 08-Jan-2013 10:41

We use Cyberquery from Cyberscience for that sort of thing.  It uses a native ESQL interface to get to the data in Progress databases instead of ODBC, so it performs well.  It can handle multiple database connections and can output its results to Excel and other formats.

Posted by isoft01 on 08-Jan-2013 10:48

Thank you Mark. I will investigate and keep the forum abreast of my findings

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 08-Jan-2013 16:19

I use Cyberquery as well and can recommend it.

If you're looking for a free open-source SQL front-end, you could also look at Squirrel: http://squirrel-sql.sourceforge.net

Posted by stefan.lang@havilog.com on 19-Jan-2013 14:56


Many of my users use MS Access as first query tool to access OE10 with SQL.

From EXCEL you can more easily access MS Access views as to use MS Query.

The high end customers have SAP Business Objects and ORACLE Data Federation to query OE10. This is maybe a l

litte bit expensive if you have less as 300 user :-)

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