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Posted by rrajan on 22-Jan-2013 01:21

We have a number of procedure libraries available with the progress installation. The files are available with the extension .pl. All the files are r-code files. Is there any document or reference on how to use those and is it possible to get the .p file for the same. For example the prodict/dump_df.p  will dump the df from a database. Please let me know if we have original source code and any reference documents containing details on these procedure libraries.

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Posted by Matt Baker on 22-Jan-2013 14:27

Much of the code for the .pl libraries is available here on PSDN in the code share section.

Search for "ade development tools source code" and you should find it for whatever version you need.

Posted by heinota on 23-Jan-2013 11:01

To work with pl libraries OpenEdge has utility prolib.
With this command you can extract or even add files to libraries. Tricky part is, that for extraction you must have needed folder structure.
For example:

prolib -extract "dump_df.p"

will extract dump_df.p to folder prodict. And if you did not have folder prodict, he fails silently. 
To list, what files are stored on what folders, you can use command:

prolib -list

To extract full pl library, you can use shell script from $DLC/src/


it will extract all files with needed folder structure.

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