Promon looking to get file based output on sessions

Posted by kevinatGKN on 31-Jan-2013 11:41

In promon currently to disconnect a user form the database it is cumbersome.  You have to sselect 8  the press the enter key several times to get to the end where you can select 1 to close one of the user sessions.

What I am needing is to just run the promon (or other ocommand that will allow me to port the listing to a file without having to press all of the enter keys.

The plan would be to be able to parse the data afterwards.

I have examined all of the documentation and can find no way to get the output via command line.

I hope I am posting this in the correct area since we are using OpenEdge.

Any help woudl be appreciated.


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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 31-Jan-2013 19:37

To list users, including user number, PID, etc.:

proshut yourdb -C list

To disconnect user number 5:

proshut yourdb -C disconnect 5

Posted by kevinatGKN on 01-Feb-2013 08:12

Rob... That worked great.  Life is good.  Now I have to figure how I can work all day on some scripting....



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