Get UUID of object

Posted by nidk on 05-Feb-2013 08:48


    I am create a full progress object collection with Dynamic temp-table.

When i whant move in my collection i use buffer:Find-first (where statement).

if you search with object type field  is very low buffer:Find-first ("where TT.field =" + string(myobject)).

but if you seach with character field with uuid of object is faster.

for get uuid i use : field = string(myobject).

But i override tostring methode of my object string(myobject) return my tostring methode , not uuid.

How have always get UUID of object ?

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Posted by Peter Judge on 05-Feb-2013 08:51


will get the value of the reference.

-- peter

Posted by nidk on 05-Feb-2013 09:07

Thx peter!!!!!!

Posted by gus on 05-Feb-2013 12:05

note that INT(myobject) is NOT a uuid. A uuid is a spacific thing (see here: ) and INT(myobject) is not it. In this use case there doesn't seem to be any need for uuid's at all.

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