OpenEdge Production Database Down

Posted by on 12-Feb-2013 04:05

Hi Friends,

Having bad start of the day with production database went down with following error, and continue the operation with OpenEdge replication database (target).
In the database log following message appear

[2013/02/12@10:08:41.433+2300] P-43712714   T-1     I BROKER  0: (12454) Server 9 has 1 unresolved pending connections(s). Please check port 13209.
[2013/02/12@10:08:41.439+2300] P-44302456   T-1     I SRV     2: (4961)  Accept() system call failed; errno = 72.
There are multiple set of abouve message.
During that time unable to connect to database for any new user and connected users also got stuck.

Du you have any similar experince with OpenEdge ?

OpenEdge 10.2B, SP07, 64bit with OpenEdge Replication
Server AIX 6.1
DB Size 35 GB
No of concurrent users 200+
All clients are connecting using client networking install on windows terminal servers.


Nuwan Priyadarshana

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