Running Progress application from a network share on Windows

Posted by joakimh on 26-Feb-2013 14:54

We have an issue with our Progress application as it randomly terminates and at the top of the stack trace we see:

"Exception code: C0000006 IN_PAGE_ERROR"

The executable r-code is accessed over a netowrk share (UNC path) in a Windows 2008 Terminal Services environment.
Environment is OpenEdge 10.2B.

The symptoms we are seeing is describes in these articles:

And this article describes the same issue has reoccured and thus applies in Windows 2008:

Can anyone please help confirm is it's supported to access the r-code from a remote computer (network share) in Windows 2008 - especially in a Terminal Services / Citrix multi-user environment?


RN#: 100A-10134
Due to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article #294816, we do not support the
running of a Progress application from a Network Share for Windows
Terminal Services or Citrix running on Windows 2000 Server or Windows
2000 Advanced Server. Terminal Services users might see errors like
"Disk or Network Error" or "C0000006: In Page I/O Error", etc. This
happens due to a bug in the Windows operating system where the network
redirector only creates one file control block (FCB) for all user
connections so that when the first user to open the files logs off, the
other users lose their connections to files. To work around this
problem, place the program and associated data files on a localvolume,
not network share.

Appreciate any advice.

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Posted by gus on 27-Feb-2013 08:39

Follow the advice given in Microsoft article 2536487. Windows 2008 has the same problem that Windows 2000 has.

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