Gabage Collector and Handle

Posted by nidk on 28-Feb-2013 02:31


   Dataset, temp-table with no reference , Are they removed with Gabage Collector ?

Explaims : A create Dataset in object , pass with parameter in other object , et delete object with null reference or delete statement.

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Posted by Admin on 28-Feb-2013 02:56

There is no reference count based GC for handle based objects.

A handle based object goes out of scope, when the procedure/class that DEFINEd it, goes out of scope.

When it was CREATEd, you need to DELETE OBJECT it. Or use WIDGET-POOLS (e.g. USE-WIDGET-POOL option on a class) to manage your handle based objects.

A special challenge may be DATASET-HANDLE or TABLE-HANDLE parameters. I recommend you read the online help on those parameters as they may create a copy of the DATASET/TABLE that the caller or callee may have to clean up.

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