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Posted by dverhun on 12-Mar-2013 12:04


We are currently going through an exercise of trying to cut down on the number of OpenEdge Appservers we have and am looking for any advice on a recommended number of server instances an app server should have.

Current Setup:

10 virtual servers each hosting one OpenEdge Appserver.  Each appserver is setup to start 5 instances, with a minimum of 1 and a max of 250.  However, each appserver usually only gets to 40-45 server instances on any given day.

Proposed Setup:

3 physical servers each hosting one OpenEdge Appserver.  Configured with the same server instance settings as above.

So with an approximate user base of 400-450 users, this would mean the new setup would need to run ~150 instances/Appserver.  I'm not concerned from a hardware perspective, as we've setup pretty powerful servers (64GB RAM, 2xE5-2690 Intel Processors, plenty of disk space).  However, from an OpenEdge Appserver perspective, is this too many instances to be running on one Appserver?  Is there a recommended number that one should try and stay below to prevent impacting performance/reliability?

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Posted by dlauzon on 12-Mar-2013 20:21

If processing power is not an issue, this amount of client instances should not be a problem.  Note that AppServer instances might not be the same as "Maximum client instances".  I mean that one single AppServer process _proapsv.exe can serve multiple connected clients if "Maximum client instances" is more than 1.  Depending on the length of the AppServer calls, I'd rather increase that number, i.e. have less _proapsv.exe that serves more clients each .

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