Expose 4GL Logic using Rest service in OE11

Posted by tharanga_herath on 20-May-2013 23:12


I got to know that The new features in OE11 help to expose 4GL logic as rest webservice using Appserver . If anyone has step by step instruction to achive this.

I have found very litle documentation on this area.

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Posted by Admin on 20-May-2013 23:41

You need to be on OpenEdge 11.2

Did you read the "New and revised features" documentation?

Posted by tharanga_herath on 21-May-2013 00:05

Hi ,

I'm in OE 11.2 . Thanks for the hint. 

Posted by rperuchet@hotmail.com on 22-May-2013 02:32

You have a very useful step by step guide in http://documentation.progress.com/output/OpenEdge112/pdfs/devstudio/devstudio.pdf (p. 155)The main problem i have encountered is in OEWebServer configuration, and as you say isn't always easy to find the solution.Regards.

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