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Posted by aspotti on 28-Jun-2013 08:46


  I have an interesting case asked by a customer.

Set a table (Table1) where in it there are two types (BU and SL) of information (records), he wants records type "BU" be shared by different tenants in a group, while record type "SL", in the very same table "Table1" are tenant specific.

As far as, I know when allocating space and table to tenant and group ALL records are allocated to partitions belonging to specific group or tenant(s), so since records are store within the very same table these information can be seen only by group or by tenant(s).

Is this feasible in some way or better split the table in two for each record type?



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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 28-Jun-2013 13:58

A table can specific to a tenant, or shared by a group of tenants. You can't have "records x,y,z are shared", and "p,d,q are specific to a tenant."

For instance:


Partition 1: Tenant 1

Partition 2: Tenant 2, 3, 4

Partition 3: Tenant 5

To do what I _think_ want to do, you'll need two copies of the table structure (and hence two different names).

One to store tenant specific records, and the other for shared-across-tenant records.

Posted by gus on 01-Jul-2013 09:58

From what you've said so far, it might be best to split the table into two separate tables.

Don't forget that the normal access rights still apply in mulittenant environments so you could use can-read, can-write to limit access. No idea if that would work for your case but it's something to consider.

Posted by aspotti on 02-Jul-2013 04:27

Thanks Gus, that's what I thought from the very beginning, but this implies something the customer does not want to do: recode its application to manage two tables with a similar meaning.

Posted by aspotti on 02-Jul-2013 04:28

Thanks to all

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