Problem using CAST & OpenOffice

Posted by BartMille on 10-Jul-2013 02:09


I'm trying to integrate OpenOffice in our software.

It can be done using com-handles, albeit in a limited way.

So I tried using real objects instead. I keep running into problems when using CAST however. Probably because of the UNO-structure-thingie, but I'm not sure.

I always get an "Invalid Cast"-error.  However, passing the object to a procedure with an input parameter does work.

I've included an example to clarify my problem:

using System.*.




def var oStrap      as XComponentContext        no-undo.

def var oServ       as XMultiServiceFactory     no-undo.

def var oStrTmp     as XMultiComponentFactory   no-undo.

oStrap = uno.util.Bootstrap:bootstrap().

oStrTmp = oStrap:getServiceManager().


run pTest (input oStrTmp).                                /* OK */         

oServ = cast(oStrTmp , XMultiServiceFactory).  /* NOK */

procedure ptest:

def input param p as XMultiServiceFactory.

oServ = p.

end procedure.

The run pTest will work (I've made a complete working sample generating a spreadsheet).

The CAST will fail. I was hoping a class using methods would work in the same way as a procedure, but it does a check of it's types and generates the same error as a cast.

Any ideas why the CAST fails, but the procedure works? (If you want to test, you'd need to include the cli*-dll's into assemblies.xml)

Progress 101a & 102b (soon to be 11.??)


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Posted by Admin on 10-Jul-2013 07:58

Progress 101a & 102b (soon to be 11.??)

101a ???

I guess 10.2a as 10.1a did not have access to .NET objects.

I remeber that there were issues on 10.1a with access to COM-Interop objects. What message does CAST give you?

Posted by BartMille on 10-Jul-2013 08:07

Yes 10.2A, not 10.1A. My mistake...

But 10.2B gives the same error:

Invalid cast from System.Object to, cli_uretypes (12869)



The same cast in C# does work.

Posted by Admin on 10-Jul-2013 08:13

Did you try the latest 10.2B service pack? 07 when I am not mistaking?

Posted by BartMille on 10-Jul-2013 08:33



Posted by Stefan Drissen on 10-Jul-2013 15:39

OE 11.2.1 / Win7 x64

I was curious - and wanted to have a quick spin with OpenOffice - but was stopped in my tracks after a few minutes (excluding download time).

The cli_cppuhelper.dll is 'currently' (since 2010 it seems) broken and will only work on a 32-bit machine - see also 'new' bug for the other branch

Just a heads up.

Posted by BartMille on 11-Jul-2013 03:22

The dll is indeed a 32-bit version.

I believe it'll work correctly if you compile a 32-bit application.

At least for me that worked in Visual Studio.

My Progress did not pose any problems.

But I see you're using version 11. Perhaps there are more options concerning 32/64 bit in this version.

btw, I'm using the exact same OS. Also tested on a 32 bit XP.

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