Removing OpenEdge Management

Posted by tracylee3124 on 16-Jul-2013 12:03

I accidentally installed OE Management. I do not want that on there. Is there a way to remove that, but keep OE Explorer? I have screwed up and I am not sure how to fix this. I am an intern so I want to make this right, but I am pretty new to Progress.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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Posted by Satya Prasad on 17-Jul-2013 04:58

There is a command called "unglue" which will disable both OE Management and OE Explorer.

I don't think disabling OE Management alone not possible. In order to avoid this, While installing don't install "OpenEdge Mgt. SE"



Posted by tracylee3124 on 17-Jul-2013 09:29

Thank you Satya,

I tried re-installing again, I paid close attention to what I was doing. I never saw anything mentioning OpenEdge Management. They are satisfied with what they have running now though. This was my first time seeing OpenEdge Management, so I did not understand it.

Also, I did not know that they had been given the new password and when I tried it, admin admin did not work.

Thanks again,


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