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Posted by tracylee3124 on 16-Jul-2013 11:47

I installed 10.2b for a client and I apparently forgot to uncheck OpenEdge management. The client is trying to use OpenEdge Explorer and asking for a password. This will probably not go over well. Is there a way to change this after the fact? I am still very new to this and I have been fixing things since yesterday, so I could really use some help.



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Posted by on 17-Jul-2013 04:18

When prompted for the first time, you should enter the following:

UserName: admin

Password: admin

Posted by tracylee3124 on 17-Jul-2013 09:35

Morning Rob,

Thanks for your advice. I read that online and tried it. I was unaware that they had been given the changed password. I tried admin admin and it did not work.

This was my first encounter with OpenEdge Management so it was a learning experience that is for sure.

Thank you so much for always being there for me!

Have a great day!


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