OpenEdge 11 WebClient silent install

Posted by Marco.M on 17-Jul-2013 03:48

Hello to everybody, i have a problem, i am trying to create file .iss for WebClient install with OpenEdge 11, i read on this link:

i have to go in the directory with set up file (on the link it is: F:\tmp\webclient\win_image\) and i have to run setup.exe with the parameters -r, -f1 like on the link:

F:\tmp\webclient\win_image\setup.exe -r -f1F:\tmp\webclient\win_image\setupWC91E01.iss

it'll open InstallShield Wizard and at the end i'll have the new file .iss, but i have not.

In my case the directory is: E:\Progress\web\web_image, and i wrote:

E:\Progress\web\web_image\setup.exe -r -f1 E:\Progress\web\web_image\setupWC91E01.iss

What do i wrong? How can i create a log file?

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Posted by Marco.M on 18-Jul-2013 02:19

Hello, i am sorry to bother the community with my questions, i worked one day on this error and i solved it, but now i have another problem, when i go to second step A.2 on the link before, and i write:

F:\tmp\webclient\web_image\setup.exe -s -f1:\tmp\webclient\web_image\setup.iss -f2F:\tmp\webclient\win_image\setup.log

in the log file i get:



What does it mean?

Posted by Dileep Dasa on 18-Jul-2013 02:27

-3 value for ResultCode means that "Required data not found in the Setup.iss file".

For your information, a value of 0 indicates that the installation was succeeded.

Posted by Marco.M on 18-Jul-2013 03:30

Thank very much you, i solved.

Posted by Marco.M on 18-Jul-2013 08:30

I solved this problem, but now i have another one, i have some clients, they connect to server by browser and the install on their pc the client. I want they can install client with silent mode, i chekced on the website and when they push on Install they call file .prowcapc and the Install Wizard start. What have i to do to have silent install at this time like the link with command:

F:\tmp\webclient\win_image\setup.exe -s F1:\tmp\webclient\win_image\setup.iss -f2F:\tmp\webclient\win_image\setup\setup.log

i thought i have to change startup parameters in WebClient Application Assembler, but i do not find wich paramters i have to change.

I ask you if it is possible doing a silent install from WebClient Assembler and if it possible, which parameters i have to change to generate .prowcapc file, because i do not find them.

Regards, Marco.

Posted by Dileep Dasa on 18-Jul-2013 13:43

There is no way for silent install of a webclient app

Posted by Marco.M on 19-Jul-2013 01:54

I thank you very much, this silent installation is becoming an odissey, now i tried to do silent installation from another server in the same network, and i get error:


Where can i find a list about all the ResultCode?

Posted by Dileep Dasa on 19-Jul-2013 02:24

Is this error code with silent install of webclient?

If yes, please check what changed in this server, like if it is a 64 bit machine or 32 bit machine etc. 

Posted by Marco.M on 19-Jul-2013 04:43

I thank you very much, it was not a Progress problem, but it depended on SilentInstall.

After i installed the new client, old client on the same server stopped to funcyion, i tried to instal it once again, but i get message i attach at post.

I disinstalled with Windows, but i still get this message.

What file have i to delete?


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