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Posted by rrajan on 22-Jul-2013 09:57

I have created a project in openedge architect. I imported the content of my source respository to the project folder. Each time I update the source respository i would like the OpenEdge architect to pull the latest file to it project directory. Is it possible in OpenEdge Architect ?

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Posted by pkavuri on 23-Jul-2013 02:53

Which repository you are using? Eclipse has large eco system. You can download the plugins which supports your repository and update the sources.


Posted by rrajan on 23-Jul-2013 07:20

We are using Tortoise SVN. Please let me know if it is possible to do using Tortoise SVN.

Posted by jmls on 23-Jul-2013 07:28

yes it is.

have a look at


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