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Posted by tracylee3124 on 26-Jul-2013 10:00

I have some questions about transaction scope that I want to get clear so I have the groundwork laid.

I see references to record scope being weak or strong, are transaction and frame scopes considered weak or strong, or does it pertain to the record scope since records are involved in frames and transactions?

I was thinking this and I asked about it and the guy I asked talked and did not answer that the way I needed it to be answered. Is this wrong:

The strength pertains to the record scope. Transaction scope is a factor because the transaction pulls weakly scoped, same buffer records out to the next block.
I feel like when I think I am understanding it, I find out it is not correct.
Please help me.

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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 30-Jul-2013 12:35

In the Getting Started: ABL Essentials manual, have a look at Chapter 5: Record Buffers and Record Scope, and Chapter 10: Managing Transactions.  They should provide the definitions and clarification you're looking for.


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