Openedge TRIM Function

Posted by rrajan on 30-Jul-2013 15:12

message TRIM("custom/InvctReport.p", "InvctReport.p")

view-as alert-box.

The output when executing this statement is "ustom/". I am not sure why progress is trimming of only "c" from custom. The output which I would like to get is "custom/".

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Posted by on 31-Jul-2013 05:38

message replace("custom/InvctReport.p", "InvctReport.p","")

view-as alert-box.

normally we use TRIM to strip trailing spaces and such.

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 31-Jul-2013 11:16

The TRIM function strips off each character on the "trim" list from the targert string. It's not a "here's a character sequence to remove" function.

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