Larger datasets not being served to .NET client from App Ser

Posted by Rom Elwell on 14-Jul-2013 06:49


When a .NET client requests data from the server via calls to an app server, larger datasets are not returned.  The observed behavior is that smaller datasets are returned, but not larger datasets.

Typical Setup:

We have a .NET winform client (.NET 4.0 framework) that sends xml-based messages to an app server connected to a Progress DB (10.2B).

When we run this configuration in the office, we have no issues.

However, we want to demo the new software (.NET client & new server-side logic written using ooABL and OpenEdge Architect) at a trade show.

Trade Show Setup:

The 'Server' is a laptop running the databases and app server.

The 'Client' is another laptop running the .NET UI and connecting to the Server via wireless access point described in the line below.

The 'Network' is a Cisco Linksys E1200 wireless router hardwired directly to the Server.

The 'App Server' broker is configured with 5 servers in the server pool to handle client data requests.  The App Server is running in a 'state-free' configuration.


The Client can successfully request data from the Server via login calls marshalled by the App Server.  The Client can even successfully receive data from the App Server for screens that have (relative) small datasets. However, when the Client requests data for an Employee form in the UI, that is a known large dataset with 400 rows (over 248k characters in length), the data appears to never be sent back to the client. Our hypothesis is that the data for this Employee dataset is not making it to the client.


Is is possible the Client is not receiving the data for these larger datasets because of a timeout in either the App Server or associated Name Server?  We know the underlying code is good because the same software executes flawlessly when running on our local domain.

I have reviewed the App Server administration documentation and can find no reference to setting timeouts for data transfer.  Does such capabilities exist?

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Posted by jquerijero on 06-Aug-2013 17:48

I think you might want to specify how are you connecting to the AppServer, for example, OpenClient, WebService, or a proxy .p/.w that opens a .NET Winform.

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