Connecting to Oracle from ABL Client

Posted by rrajan on 12-Aug-2013 14:59

I am trying to connect to Oracle Database from an ABL Client (Progress procedure). What are different ways by which we can connect ? I am trying to connect to Oracle DB since I need some data from Oracle Database.

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Posted by Jean Richert on 13-Aug-2013 07:07
Posted by David Moloney on 15-Aug-2013 09:19

There are two ways. The more robust way to do so is to license the Oracle Dataserver so that you can write applications in OpenEdge to a deployed Oracle database alongside your OE database access.

The other is to link an external API into OpenEdge and write your own access code. We have a very recently developed sample that does this with the DataDirectCloud ODBC driver. While it is written and tested in the D2C environment, it utilizes the generic ODBC API and "should" work about as well against any OEM driver. Code samples can be found here. You could replace the access steps for D2C with your own driver requirements to get started.

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