AppServer run without db connection

Posted by talexandrov on 09-Sep-2013 03:46

When the computer starts autorun appserver, but from few days have no connection to database. DB starts after the appserver. I needs to restart the AppServer after, to be able to get db connection available.

It was OK before, probably something changed, and now no connection during the appserver start. Both DB and appserver are under Windows XP.

Any ideas why?

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Posted by Libor Laubacher on 05-Nov-2013 10:09

There is no guarantee that a databases will start prior appserver. I mean by default db plugin starts before appserver plugin, but db itself might go thru redo/undo phase and appserver plugin does not wait for that. I'd suggest to have either script which checks for db to be online and then launches asbman to start your appserver or do not connect your appserver to a database using "serverStartupParameters" but use appserver startup procedure instead. There you can check and eventually re-connect.

Posted by Libor Laubacher on 05-Nov-2013 10:09

As for the ideas why - the answer lies in the db.log file.

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