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Posted by LuckyH on 04-Sep-2013 09:08

Good day,

In our application we are creating some xml-files which can be send to other applications. In order to ensure the contents of the file we are in the process of adding some hash values (SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA_512).

Luckily Progress does support these using the message-digest function. However.. I do run into the problem of how to use message-digest on an already existing XML-file?

In a perfect world I would simply use message-digest("SHA-256", file("myxmlfile.xml")) but that doesnt work.

Any suggestions?



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Posted by LuckyH on 05-Sep-2013 12:47

Solved it myself.

First import the file to a memptr and then "message-digest" it.

Posted by gus on 10-Sep-2013 09:26

you can also do this:

def var hash as char no-undo.

input through "md5 file.xml".

import hash.

input close.

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