Load-picture strange behaviour

Posted by syryn.bart on 03-Sep-2013 09:52


OE10.2ASP03 - Win 7

We're having a problem with the load-picture statement.

We have two programs that uses the same OCX (Gantt-chart). 

It's possible to load icons in the chart to display.

Everything works fine when we run our application with 'prowin32.exe' in the shortcut.

The piece of code is :


chpic = LOAD-PICTURE(G-clientimg + "alertplanning.ico").

Strange thing is, when we change the application shortcut to 'prowc.exe' the webclient just crashes on the load-picture statement.


When we change 'alertplanning.ico' to a jpg-file it works with prowin32.exe and prowc.exe.  Problem is then that the OCX only can load .ico-files.


Is there a workaround, because it seems that prowc.exe can't handle load-pictue(".ico").

Kind regards,

Bart Syryn

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