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Posted by Jorrit on 25-Feb-2019 11:43


We working in Rollbase V5.0 and publish and push applications to tenants who have installed the applications by the master tenant.
The application have some objects with pre configured document templates witch are used in triggers like email template e.t.c. 

In the shared properties we configured AllowAdminLessTenant = true.

How can we prevent the templates that are updated by the users or a support admin to be changed with a publish and push of a new version?

We have already tried to publish the application with the option "Partially locked" and not to mark the templates. Unfortunately, the push also overwrites the documents with the original content with this option

Regards Jorrit

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Posted by Charles Ford on 26-Feb-2019 09:17

Hi Jorrit,

We're interested in an answer.

A cumbersome workaround we have used is to place the text of the template into hosted files (typically these may be header, body, footer of the documents) and then place the token expansion in the template. Move the hosted files into another application and have your users then update these instead (typically this application is undeployed).

I think making a copy, deleting the original and 'relinking' to the new, either on the dev or prod side, would still suffer a reset of the link at each deploy but maybe this saves overwriting the users edited template (worth a try?!)




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