Merged Cells in Loop on Excel Document Template

Posted by on 14-Nov-2018 01:45

I am trying to use the document template option to create an xlsx document. This has header information and a related table with many records. I am using a loop begin and loop end to get the detail records to be added to the document.  Due to the layout the customer is looking for, a couple of the values in the details need to be in merged cells to look correct when the document is generated. When we preview the output, it is respecting the merged cells in the template for the first detail record, but it is not repeating that for the remaining details.  I tried applied the same merging to the rows for the loop begin and the loop end. That results in an error when the Excel document is opened.  Going past the error removes the merging that was in the file.

This is what our output looks like now.

The details I am talking about are the two lines with the white background. You can see the cells are merged on the first line, but not the second. The blank row after the details also has the merging applied.

Has anyone figured out the trick in the template to get formatting like this applied to an xlsx document template?

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