REST Metadata function to update triggers?

Posted by colinkrist on 11-Oct-2018 20:40

UpdateFieldDef REST method works for all fields and some other nuanced 'fields' via their integration codes related to the object. However, when I tried to use this for an ObjectScript trigger it doesn't work. Is there another REST Metadata method that allows for ObjectScript triggers to be updated via the metadata api? 

A little background why I'm even attempting this: my team is currently using a local nodeJS script listening for local file changes and when changes are detected we use the UpdateFieldDef to update a template field on an object which is used for visual elements and scripts.

The main reasons we would want to update triggers via the API is that we can use Babel for ES6+ syntax, IDE intellisense, git (huge one here), and never having to open extra tabs just to edit the scripts.

If there isn't a way to do this I'll probably just end up just copying the compiled result to the clipboard via node and then pasting it into the ObjectScript IDE, but if there is a way using the metadata API or another API I would love to use it to streamline the development process.

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