Error when Restoring Backup

Posted by on 03-May-2018 11:50

We are trying to migrate from Hosted Cloud to Private Cloud, and are trying to use the Backup mechanism.

Upon uploading the backup, I can't seem to restore the Private Cloud using the Hosted Cloud backup. I get an email with the following error:

"Error restoring <application>: Column 'CREATED_AT' cannot be null"

From what I've seen in the Forum, the other way to do the migration would be through the XMLs for the application, and exporting everything *by hand* for the data. Meaning, using the CSV exports and such - which are very limited and incredibly tiring to do.

We would very much like to do the migration by using the Backup. Is it possible?

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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 09-May-2018 05:55

You should use version of Rollbase. Also a fresh DB.

Use this guide below.


Posted by hardiktechie on 09-May-2018 06:22

Migrating manually is recommended, because backup might mess up at the restore point

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