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Posted by mnashi on 22-Mar-2018 15:45

Is it possible to bulk load users? Also, want to know if it's possible to load the users as inactive and activate them later in a phased manner. 

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Posted by Nitin Kumar Singh on 23-Mar-2018 05:53


We can indeed bulk upload users via 'Import' option - which imports data via excel sheets. Your desired functionality can currently be achieved by following steps -

1. Bulk upload user records with 'User Role' set as 'No Access'

2. Role - No Access ensures No Welcome Email is sent to newly created users.

3. Perform desired operations on created user records

4. To activate the users back - assign them any role other than 'No Access' and perform a 'Reset Password' Action. Both of these steps can be done in bulk for set of users.

In Rollbase 5.2, we are releasing a new feature around this area to enhance ease of usage for such use cases. In summary, users can be created with a new checkbox field signifying 'Send Welcome Email' as un-checked. This ensures no email is sent yet. At any later stage when user profile is ready for use - user record can be edited to check 'Send Welcome Email' and Welcome Email will be sent to user.



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