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Posted by on 28-Feb-2018 14:14

We are making some changes to our mobile app which uses the rest APIs for Rollbase. We use the text search API throughout the app.  In testing some changes to our search option, I noticed it appears there are words that are ignored or key to the SQL calls which give us results that are not correct. For example, I have a dummy record with a name of "A Lead to Prospect". Our search automatically adds wildcards to the end of each phase the user enters. Their only option is whether they want to use an "OR" search or an "AND" search. If I search for "to Pros", the query is sent as query=to* Pros* or query=to* AND Pros* depending on which search type I am using.  Neither of those searches return the record I am looking for.  However, if I search "lea pros", I will get the correct record.

In trouble shooting a little further, it looks like the single letter "A" in the search also doesn't work. I can use other single letters and get the response I am looking for.

Long story short, it appears there are some values that you cannot search by and expect to get valid results. I don't know if it is a bug or if there are reserved keywords that shouldn't be allowed.  If the answer is some are reserved, where do I find the list of reserved words/phrases, so we can tell an end user why they can't search by those values?

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