User is redirected to tab page after login from a link in an

Posted by Aede Hoekstra on 27-Feb-2018 04:10

We have a task object which sends an e-mail to the user. This e-mail contains a link to the specific task. Now when the user isn't logged in, Rollbase forces the login, but after the login the user lands on the task tab. 

What we want is that the specific user is redirected to the specific task.

Is there a way to achieve this?

When the user is logged in this works as expected.

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Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 27-Feb-2018 05:04

Hi Aede,

I tried to reproduce the case you mentioned but  the user always navigating to the specific task details page irrespective of logged in or not.

FYI. I'm creating the record from UI only. And executed this case against To-Do object in Rollbase application.

Can you please share sample application or more info to reproduce.



Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 27-Feb-2018 05:09

And What is the Rollbase version you are using?

Posted by Aede Hoekstra on 27-Feb-2018 09:43

Hi Rajkumar,

I'm currently using version, I'll try to reproduce this in version 5.0.0.

Posted by Aede Hoekstra on 27-Feb-2018 10:07

could also reproduce it in 5.0.0

see attached xml

steps to reproduce:

1. create task and save

2. trigger fires on create which will send e-mail to the user which created the task[View:/cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/25/Task-example_5F00_v2.xml:320:240]

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