Issue about rbv_api.runReport()

Posted by refael shira on 15-Jan-2018 04:46

Hello Everyone,

I have a question:

I tried to runReport With more than one filters.

Is it possible?

I have a object view that contain the desired filters and the report run on this view.(using {!#LOOP_BEGIN.all#ViewOriginalID}.

But when I send filter with  rbv_api.runReport() the report get only the filter that I send.

Can something be done?

Best Regards,


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Posted by Shivani Silveri on 07-Feb-2018 03:35

Hi Refael,

Currently,  rbv_api.runReport() API accepts only a single filter condition.Any filters applied on the report will be cleared and the filter mentioned in the API will take the precedence.

Could you share you application and elaborate on the use case?



Posted by refael shira on 11-Feb-2018 06:08

Hi Shivani,

I created a view in few filters and I want to run some report with anothor fliter (in this case the filter is locationId).

I have a 100 record in the view: 50 records with locationId = 123456789 and 50 record with locationId = 987654321.

I want to run 2 reports: 1 - report with record which locationId = 123456789.

                                    2 - report with record which locationId = 987654321.



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