Cloned 'New' Page back button goes to generic list

Posted by KorakSchoone on 06-Dec-2017 09:39


Rollbase 4.5.

I created a clone of the standard new page for an object. On this I created a different way to add a record to the object (wizard type of page).

On the list view on the tab i added (via javascript) a button to navigate to the new 'new' page.

So far so good.

The page works fine. When I save it it will go to the view page of the object (option checked in the properties of the page).

But the back/Cancel button does not go back to the original page, but goes to the generic list view (where I do not have the extra button).

I tried to disable the 'go to new page on save' option , because this was an error in the past, but that doesn't help.

Any idea what I can do here?

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Posted by jlakshmi on 12-Dec-2017 23:59


I  was able to reproduce the above scenario and just wanted to confirm here that it is working as designed.

After clicking on back/cancel button from the view page of object it will by default redirect to list view page only.

But you can follow these steps to make it work for your use case :

i) From the page designer you can add new  back button and in that button you can give the url of the page(having extra button option) you want to redirect(via javascript).

ii)You can disable the default back button from the view page of the object by adding javacript code to hide button.

Let me know if this works.



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