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Posted by Jorrit on 13-Nov-2017 13:03

Hi can anybody help me with this?

I need to call a soap service on the client side page. How can I do this in a save way without storing credentials and putting in a variable on the client side?

Is there an option to run a server side trigger that gives me the result of the soap call as a callback?

thanks in advance,

Regards Jorrit.

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Posted by Timothy Williamson on 14-Nov-2017 06:43


I ran up against this a while back. The other APIs (REST, SOAP, etc) require a separate login call from the client in order to use them. This means that without having the credentials of the user, somehow, it's not going to be possible.

You might be able to run a trigger that returns the result of a SOAP call but, at that point, you'd probably need to hard-code a username and password in the trigger script... which would reduce visibility into who was actually making calls and practically eliminate the use of permissions.

Which API method are you wanting to use? There may be another alternative.


Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 14-Nov-2017 06:47

You can make a SOAP over http call from Rollbase Application pages and Portal pages. For this, you can leverage client-side API: rbf_sendHttpRequest

Instead of coding any sensitive information (like request parameters with authentication details) directly as part of client-pages you may considering using server-side tokens (escaping them as described in documentation) so that the actual request is formulated on Rollbase server-side.

Documentation details for your reference:

Note: This API is available starting Rollbase 5.0 release.

Posted by Timothy Williamson on 14-Nov-2017 07:08

Ah, I should have been more specific.. I was talking about making calls back to Rollbase itself. If it's another system, sure... something like the mentioned API would be helpful.

"Note: This API is available starting Rollbase 5.0 release."

Excellent! :)

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