Add new row inline without Quick Create

Posted by LAGILI FIRAS on 04-Oct-2017 05:02


I am new to rollbase, i try to add inline capability to create new row in view without using popup like quick create.

Is-it possible to do that ? if yes how ?


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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 09-Oct-2017 00:33

Rollbase offers a set of Out of Box UI components which end-users can leverage to design Rollbase Application Page. For editing/creating multiple records, Rollbase has dedicated form page types wherein for editing multipe records form controls like GridControl component can be leveraged.

Please refer documentation for additional details:

Rollbase ListView component does not support adding new record. As part of ListView component, inline-editing one record at a time is supported however for creating records users need to explicitly navigate to form pages, either pop-up i.e. QuickCreate or New/Edit form pages.

Also navigation to form pages is actually an Ajax update of the page, hence does not require loading new pages as such.

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