[4.5.2] - Workflow Action Button/Button not shown on Portal

Posted by IramK on 03-Oct-2017 04:08


I have some workflow action buttons on my object and I would like to see them on the portal I created. How can I access them?

Also, I have some "Buttons" that I have created on my object. I can't find a way to access/add them on the portal either. Please let me know how this can be achieved?



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Posted by mpiscoso@gmail.com on 06-Oct-2017 13:44

As far as my experience goes IramK, the WFAs and Buttons and other components of the Native Rollbase application environment can not be utilized in portals.

If you noticed, portals are sort of something that you build from scratch. Which includes mimicking WFAs and their pages (notice that there is no page type for Status Change).

In light of this, I can only suggest what my developers and I usually do which is to create our own WFA/Status Change-like behavior in our portals using custom links (anchor tags) and client-side show/hide logic.


Given you have an object that has the statuses Created and Completed and you need an action in between to bridge the gap.

-In the portal we create an edit page which has the workflow status field and CSS/javascript to hide the field.

-We add a onload script that would automatically set the WF status value to Completed using its code.

-We add fields needed for this process.

-On the view page of the record, we then create a link to the edit page thru HTML or drag in the component to the canvas.

-We then add an onload script to only show the link given some condition set (ex. record is of status created).

-> When the user clicks the link and saves the subsequent edit page, the record would be set to completed.

Hope this helps you out.

Good luck.

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