[4.5.2] - Standard Rollbase way of retrieving the floating v

Posted by IramK on 14-Sep-2017 04:49


I have a currency field with a format $ 000,000,000.00 and I'd like to retrieve the decimal value from it. What is the best way to achieve this using rollbase functions? Kindly let me know.

rbf_getFieldValue("currency_field"); // returns the field value with the currency code i.e. $ 123, 456, 789.10



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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 09-Oct-2017 00:20

Hi Iram,

Assuming you are referring to client-side API functions for interacting with form pages rbf_getFieldValue correctly returns the numerical real number value of a currency field and not a formatted literal string.

Can you please share more context as to where are you seeing this indifferent behavior.

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