Page Field Properties Text Area Rows not being applied

Posted by Charles Ford on 10-Jul-2017 05:21


On my Object Definition for a Text Area field there is a property of Default Height, and a comment that this is the number of visible rows. I'm able to set this to 5 (rows).

On the New and Quick Create Pages I can set Rows in the Field Properties dialog (say 6, 4 rows, i.e. adjusting the default of 5). My expectation is that this will override what I've chosen on the definition.

But when the Text Area is initially drawn it is at a height to accept the definition number of rows (5).

How is the Field Properties Rows value applied?




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Posted by Srinivas Panyala on 14-Jul-2017 04:01

I have filed a defect for this (75402). Thanks for reporting.



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