Get the object name (if any) in the pages?

Posted by ithrees on 03-Jul-2017 02:27


I am trying to get the object name of the pages other than the generic ones in the header and footer area. I tried with {!O} and it didn't help. I also tried to read from the span tag with 'rbs-pageTitle' class but it is not returning view and edit pages.

Is there any token or method available to retrieve the object name in every object pages (other than generic pages)?

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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 17-Jul-2017 04:00

On Rollbase Application Pages with a single record context like View/Edit/Status, you can consider using this client-side API:  rbf_getPageContext().getObjectRecord()

It will return a JSON object with the following record details as key/value pairs: id, uid, objDefId, name i.e. objDefName

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