Do Record Creator/Relationship Permissions affect REST API R

Posted by Timothy Williamson on 23-Jun-2017 22:22

Hello everyone,

Can anyone confirm that enabling Record Creator -> View and/or using Relationship Permissions will filter the records returned through the REST API?

From what I can tell, the user needs to have full View permissions, or they can't see anything at all (via REST).

I have a user account "A" that was used to create a record via the REST API, then, I used another user "B" to create a second record. No matter what options I select, the user "A" can see both records. I would prefer that they can only see their own. :)

Am I missing something?


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Posted by Srinivas Panyala on 30-Jun-2017 08:22

Please follow the below steps

1) Provide full view permissions for the object

2) Edit the view and add the filter - Created By equals CURR_USER (Click on CURR_USER icon)

3) Invoke getPage REST API

You can see the records only created by that user



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