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Posted by trysamepage on 23-Jun-2017 01:35

I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the direction into the best way to achieve the following scenario in Rollbase:

I have an object (or database table) called ‘Application’ which contains the fields ‘Field1’, ‘Field2’,’Field3’ and ‘Field4’. The search screen that is automatically generated by Rollbase to allow a user to select an ‘Application’ record contains the field ‘Field1’. Each record automatically has an onclick event assigned to ‘Field1’ that opens the selected ‘Application’ in view mode. What I would like to do is to initially intercept the onclick event and to open a modal popup screen that displays the ‘Field3’ and ‘Field4’ values for the selected ‘Application’ record. The modal window would also display two buttons that would allow a user to proceed with opening the ‘Application’ in view mode or whether to return to the search screen.

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