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Posted by on 20-Jun-2017 02:35

Hello everyone!

We found a very itereting issue.

When I have an object with LDF if I do select query- I have the ability to select only records that have the same LDF that the user have.

for example- we have object that have all the people at our organization

And sometimes we need to send SMS from one user
that have LDF to another one with different LDF (from our people organization object)-

so we create trigger with this select:

Contact = rbv_api.selectQuery("SELECT PhoneReciveMassage,locationId,cb_Active,cb_CraneSMS FROM ContactReciveMessges)

we find out that we can select only records that have the same LDF like the user.

1. can you pleas confirm our assumption?
2. If you have different way to select all records even if i have a user with diferend LDF?

Would love very much your help!

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Posted by Srinivas Panyala on 03-Jul-2017 09:05

Hi Tehila,

Your assumption is correct. User can select only LDF filtered records. You can try the following option to see all the records.

1) Create a group without any values for Location,Department & Function. Navigate to Organization Management -> Groups tab. Click on New Group, provide a group name and save.

2) Assign this group to a user. This user has access to all the user records



Posted by on 06-Jul-2017 00:28

Hello Shiva!

This solution not fit for our needs. That way, the user will see all the records - even records that are not at the level of his LDF  permissions.



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