How to disable Add/Delete of gridlines

Posted by smartsysISV on 04-Jun-2017 06:39

How can I remove/disable the "Add Line" and "Delete line" in a grid component, even if the user has access rights to do this?

Is there an alternative solution to edit related records in a statuspage? 

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Posted by on 05-Jun-2017 00:30

Hello and Good Day,

You need to hide their class names. If im not mistaken it should be .actionCol for the delete links. Use css which is simpler. Hope this helps.

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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 05-Jun-2017 23:03

You can access kendoToolbar widget  ( )  for Section & GridControl Page Cell via the following client-side SDK provisions:

  • rbf_getGridControlComponent(0).getGridControlToolbar()
  • rbf_getPageContext().getSection('pFCchZ7-QOi86u9vjg--ww').getSectionToolbar()

For running jQuery, you can access context elements via the following API (Good practise to avoid running jQuery against complete page DOM):

  • rbf_getGridControlComponent(0).getGridControlToolbarEl()
  • rbf_getPageContext().getSection('pFCchZ7-QOi86u9vjg--ww').getSectionToolbar()


  • rbf_getPageContext().getSection('pFCchZ7-QOi86u9vjg--ww').getSectionToolbar().find('button.rbs-gridControl-addGridRowAction')
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