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Posted by stephen.vanrooyen on 26-May-2017 05:56

Hi Guys,
The options available to configure the Rollbase Calendar component are a bit limited, please can you assign with the below requirements:
Is it possible to filter the calendar, to only show only specific objects or a single object?
Is it possible to colour the events on the calendar, based on the user it is assigned to? (instead of the object)
Is it possible to show weekends and/or public holidays in a different colour (public holidays is a separate object).
Your assistance will be highly appreciated

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Posted by stephen.vanrooyen on 31-May-2017 00:47


Is there no-one that can assist?

Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 31-May-2017 09:36

Hi Stephen,

Currently we does not have such options. You may file an enhancement request in Rollbase Forum - Ideas section. here



Posted by Thierry Ciot on 31-May-2017 16:29

These are not possible as out of the box point and click options as of now.  You can certainly host the calendar control (it's included automatically) in a custom html section on any page and use JavaScript API to get at the Rollbase data you want and populate it into the calendar data source with your specific requirements,

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