Populating a text area field with a NEW page script.

Posted by tvignolaISV on 12-Apr-2017 11:03

On the Public Cloud, Release 4.5, I am trying to populate the start of  a Text area filed on a NEW page based on certain choices made on the page itself, so I cannot use a default value. When I use the rbf_setFieldContent, the field gets populated, but the field becomes non-editable. The rbf_setFieldValue does not seem to work.

Any suggestions on how I can populate a Text Area field so that the user can add more text as needed?

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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 12-Apr-2017 11:11

rbf_setFieldContent API should only be used for view only fields like Formula & Template.

rbf_setFieldValue should be used in this scenario.

Request you to share a sample app highlighting the issue you are seeing with rbf_setFieldValue.

Posted by tvignolaISV on 12-Apr-2017 11:23


 function jl_concreteNote()


 var conc = document.theForm.create_reports_concrete_68043560.checked;

 if(conc == true)

        rbf_setFieldValue("note", "Bring J -Ring and Spread Board");



Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 12-Apr-2017 11:57

Will need the actual app.xml to troubleshoot further. Can you export a sample app.xml and share on this forum thread.

Posted by tvignolaISV on 12-Apr-2017 14:04

Unfortunately, there are too many issues with the application to successfully generate an XML file.  I will go ahead and generate a CASE ticket identifying the specific zone, page, for Progress to look at. Thanks, anyway. .

Posted by Ricardo Rafols on 13-Apr-2017 13:26

Hi Tom,

Instead of using Rollbase APIs, try using tinyMCE APIs.

function jl_concreteNote() { 
var conc = document.theForm.create_reports_concrete_68043560.checked; 
if(conc == true) 
tinyMCE.get('note').insertContent("Bring J -Ring and Spread Board");

It works like a charm!

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