Filtered View Based on SQL Query/Formula/Relationship(s)

Posted by Simon Tregloan-Reed on 24-Mar-2017 05:07

Hi All,

I'm currently working on an app where I'm in need of a filtered list view when selecting products on a quick create page. My situation is as follows:

I have an application where I create a salesorder record. I then create and attach sales order items to the salesorder. I use the quick create page, to create the salesorder item, which has a lookup selector to the products object. I've set the application up so that the products are unique to the salesorder so that it stops duplicate products being added.

Instead of alerting the user to the fact that they have selected a product already attached to the salesorder, when they click on the save button to create the salesorder item, I'd like to use a filtered product view page that will only show the remaining products that are not currently attached to the salesorder.

I've been looking at getting the filtered view page to work with a formula but seeing how complicated this filtered view will be to get working and how basic the formula textarea field is I have to work with I'm running into issues that I can't debug at all.

Any help would be appreciated.


Simon Tregloan-Reed

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Posted by Simon Tregloan-Reed on 29-Mar-2017 04:08


Does anyone have some idea about weather this is in fact an issue or not?


Simon Tregloan-Reed

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