Model window save giving error

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I am using the task(todo) quick create in other object view.

Save is not working.

steps to reproduce.

1. Take the URL of quick create

2. Go to any other object view screen and create the script and add the quick create URL.

3. Click the button it will open the quick create window

4. Save is going to 404 error.

Kendo UI window can be attached through onclick of the button like you described the other day as follows:

<button type="button" label="callbutton" onclick="newpopupFunction()">Call</button>
<div id="dialog"> </div>

function newpopupFunction() {

    var dialog = $("#dialog").kendoWindow(

        height: 600,
        width: 800,
        content: "localhost:<port_if_any>/.../popup.jsp



- See more at:

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Posted by Ricardo Rafols on 20-Mar-2017 09:14

hi Anu,

Can you try the code below?

PS: Replace 37598 by your quick create page ID.

<button type="button" id="callbutton" label="callbutton">Call</button>

<div id="dialog"></div>


     $("#callbutton").click(function(e) {


 var dialog = $("#dialog").kendoWindow({

         height: 400,

         width: 600,

         title: "To-Do",

         close: function() { this.destroy() },

         iframe: true,

     content: "{!#PROD_SERV_URL}dialog/objectQuickCreate.jsp?objDefId={!#OBJ_ID.todo}&pageId=37598"



var rbf_doQuickCreateCompleted = (function() {

   rbf_growlSuccess("To-Do", "To-do has been created with success!");    




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